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The Monthly Misogi; Failing forward, choosing the 'hard' and upgrading my life.

Firstly, what the heck is a Misogi? 

Originating in Japan, a Misogi is the Shinto ritual purification practice where an individual makes the pilgrimage to a sacred waterfall or lake. It's a spiritual practice that's been described as pressing "CTR, ALT, DELETE" for your body, your mind and your spirit.


It was since made more popular in western culture by Jesse Itzler, a high powered serial entrepreneur, NYT best selling author and all round go-getter. His version of a Misogi? Do something so challenging once a year that it has a positive impact on the remaining 364 days. It forces you into major discomfort and that my friend, is where the big magic takes place. 

I've taken these concepts and adapted it into 12 individual monthly challenges, growth opportunities and deep dives, based on where I want my life to head.

Each Monthly Misogi aims to provide a stimulus (an uncomfortable one) where growth is the only option

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